5 Better Ways To Accept Payments (& Do INBOUND 2017!)

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5 Better Ways To Accept Payments (& Do INBOUND 2017!)

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

I’m pret-ty sure there’s a better way to do most things in life. (Around here we’re hoping the exercise pill works out so we can finally stop doing deskercises.) And since our area of expertise is payment processing, it’s up to us to let online merchants know this: You can stop struggling with multiple payment processors, losing sales at checkout, and settling for payment gateways that don’t have everything you need.

There’s a better way to accept payments. [Quick change into our superhero costumes.] It’s the BlueSnap Payments Platform.

All kidding aside, our payment gateway was designed specifically to make your life easier and help your business make more sales. Check out the list below highlighting five reasons why we do payments better than anyone else. I’d bet there are at least a few among them that address things you’re struggling with now—and we can help!

And in case you’re headed to INBOUND 2017 later this month in our hometown of Boston—woo hoo!—we tossed in some extra goodies on the list to help you do Boston (and INBOUND) better!

5 Ways BlueSnap Can Help You Accept Payments Better

1. Accept, protect, and analyze payments—all in a single payment solution.

No need to keep piling on multiple payment gateways to get the functionality you need; you can get everything in one place with BlueSnap.

  • Accept all types of payments, however you like. We support more than 100 popular payment types around the world and every type of selling arrangement, including online and mobile sales, subscriptions, invoices, multi-party marketplaces, and more.
  • Protect your payments with sophisticated fraud technology. Our own fraud-fighting mechanisms are reinforced with those of Kount, a leader in fraud prevention. It’s all built into the BlueSnap platform—so you don’t have to manage it yourself.
  • Analyze payment performance. We offer a range of in-depth reports that help you analyze sales trends and identify areas for improvement. Reports can be accessed anytime thanks to our new mobile app!

INBOUND 2017: Eat better at Legal Harborside. It’s the best all-in-one place (like our Payment Platform!) near INBOUND to get drinks, food, and a fun atmosphere. With open-air seating on the first floor and a kickass roof deck, you can’t go wrong here. And you can get your seafood fix, so there’s that, too.

Better Ways To Accept Payments-1

2. Increase conversions using our connections to global banks.

It’s more than likely you’re losing sales because your payment processor isn’t working hard enough to push transactions through. With BlueSnap, you get a whole arsenal of strategies working behind the scenes, including automatic transaction failover and automated subscription retries. Plus, we have connections with multiple banks around the world and the flexibility to send (and resend) transactions to the banks most likely to approve them. That means fewer declines for you!

INBOUND 2017: You’ve left your loved ones at home for five glorious days in Boston—the least you can do is be a better gift-giver. (Please don’t try to bring home a Boston accent.) How about this T-shirt from Chowdaheadz instead? #wickedsmaaht

Better Ways To Accept Payments-2

3. Give customers the mobile wallet choices they want.

Convenient mobile wallets are increasingly becoming a payment method of choice. If you don’t support them, you may be missing out on sales. BlueSnap supports more mobile wallets than any other payment processor, including Apple Pay, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, and PayPal. Your customers won’t hesitate when it comes time to choose a payment method if they see their favorite mobile wallet on the list.

Is your business outgrowing your payment gateway provider? It’s easy to switch! Download this free guide to find out how.

INBOUND 2017: Like mobile wallets, there’s a food truck for everyone at INBOUND. All Boston food trucks are the best, and thanks to the nice folks at HubSpot you can try out a new one each day. We are partial to Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them).

Better Ways To Accept Payments-3

4. Make the most of your subscription-based sales.  

Other payment gateways handle subscriptions, but their support is limited. BlueSnap’s subscription billing engine is unique in that it supports any payment type (even wire transfers, purchase orders, and e-checks). It also includes a variety of features designed to help increase your recurring revenue, like the ability to customize your subscription plans, send automated subscription reminders, and automatically update shoppers’ payment information. (You could be losing up to 10% of sales because of outdated account data!)

INBOUND 2017: Don’t be fooled by the Silver Line—there’s a better way to get to the convention center! (It’s a bus, not a train, and it stops A LOT.)  Traffic near the convention center can get dicey, so we suggest walking or taking the INBOUND shuttles if you’re coming from any of the conference hotels.Better Ways To Accept Payments-4

5. Sell more around the world with local payment processing features.

You should be able to sell anywhere you want, in any country, without having to add multiple payment processors to handle it all. At BlueSnap we’re always working to help our merchants sell more overseas! To make sure you don’t lose international customers at the payment stage, you can offer a local checkout experience tailored to the shoppers’ country of origin. Your checkout page can automatically display in any of 29 languages, and you can accept any of 100 different currencies. Remember those bank connections around the world I mentioned earlier? They’ll increase the success rate for international transactions, too.

INBOUND 2017: Club INBOUND (HubSpot’s super cool name for the exhibit hall) has a better vibe than any conference we have ever attended. You won’t be sold to. Folks here want to learn, help, and network. Take a look at the exhibitors ahead of time, talk with folks in your office to see if there are any companies they’d like you to speak with, and make time each day to talk to three or four companies. Oh, and be sure to help yourself to some swag!  

Better Ways To Accept Payments-5

Ready to do things a better way (and make the most of INBOUND 2017)?

Come by and see the BlueSnap team! We’ll have some fun goodies like light-up bouncy balls, Dunkin Donuts gift cards, and other cool tchotchkes. In the meantime, if you’d like to talk with us more specifically about what our payment gateway can do for your business, get in touch!

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