Check Out BlueSnap's Latest Product Updates!

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Check Out Our Latest Product Updates!

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

In our continuing effort to make sure every payment is successful and help you sell more with our smarter payment gateway, we have released a new product update (V3.10). We are excited to announce the following:

• New BuyNow Builder for BuyNow2
• New payment conversion reporting
• Updated sales reports
• New and updated APIs
• Expanded global reach with 40+ new payment types

BuyNow Builder
This new release will allow you to customize your own store settings and manage, edit, and create new checkout page skins. With greater control over the look and feel of your checkout page, the possibilities are endless! Using our new BuyNow Builder, you will be able to configure payment methods, soft descriptors, callback URLs (the URL the shopper is redirected to post purchase), customer product links (for use in emails, social media, etc.) and other settings.

These aforementioned checkout page skins are an integral tool in the new BuyNow Builder. With the ability to create, edit and manage these skins, you can easily make a personal and professional feel for your page without much design and development time. With these skins, you will be able to upload your own logo and select custom fonts, fields and menu options to brand your site exactly how you want it.

buynow 2

Two NEW reports have been added to help you track your sales success and declines (BuyNow2 merchants only):

  • New Shopper Conversion Success Rates for BuyNow2 (unique shoppers only)
  • Payment Decline Report for BuyNow2 (includes all attempts by shoppers)

We have also updated the following reports to help you monitor your BuyNow traffic and sales:

  • Sales Report
  • Traffic Monitor Report
  • Sales with Multiple Products Report
  • Sales Summary of Multiple Products Report


Our API library just keeps on expanding! Check out the newest APIs to our collection:
Coupon API – use this API to validate the coupon code entered in your shopping cart, return the discount in an amount or percentage and apply the coupon discount to the shopping cart total.
Refund API – updated to allow you to issue partial refunds to your shoppers to help you keep up with customer service!
Card Error Codes – improved to return a common set of codes across acquirers that will be returned in the APIs. This will help you identify the errors so that you can assist shoppers to complete their purchases.

New Payment Types
Local Bank Transfer API – this API will allow you to let shoppers use a direct transfer of funds from their bank account to pay for their purchase. Bank Transfers are supported for payments in over 40 countries globally. This is an ideal payment option for users with credit card limits, or shoppers from countries such as India and Germany, where credit cards are less commonly used for online purchases.


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