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Future of eCommerce – CEO Interview on Mint.com

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

We’ve been featured on Mint.com! Check out our CEO’s interview on the Future of eCommerce here.

Here is a preview of the interview:

Businesses around the world are looking for opportunities to grow their brand and reach new audiences, and this race to globalize has been a huge driver of innovation for how we handle payments online.

“Where some were able to build entire businesses around simple U.S.-based credit card transactions, the goal now will be to serve the world,” says Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO ofBlueSnap, provider of eCommerce solutions. “And with mCommerce growth outpacing traditional eCommerce by 200 percent, we can expect the race to a complete digital wallet to intensify in the near future.”

BlueSnap is leading the charge in offering localized, secure and easy-to-use payment systems to merchants worldwide. Here, Ralph offers his insight on the biggest challenges facing merchants as they expand and also shares best practices for smart growth in the realm of online payments.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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