What can a HarmonyPSA-BlueSnap integration do for your business?

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What can a HarmonyPSA-BlueSnap integration do for your business?

Written by: Steve Duckworth

What can a HarmonyPSA-BlueSnap integration do for your business?Do you run an IT or professional services business and dream of a PSA system that makes your life easier, not harder? One that gives you a 360 degree view of your business, 24/7? Then it’s time to meet HarmonyPSA.

Why HarmonyPSA?

HarmonyPSA is the most functionally complete Professional Services Automation system on the market.

It’s specifically targeted at technology companies operating in or moving to the cloud, whether they are MSPs or ISVs. At the heart of HarmonyPSA is an advanced product and contract modelling functionality, which enables, empowers and automatically accounts for cloud product sales and purchases.

Harmony has been built with deep and unlimited configurability, which you can manage for yourself, to design a system that works for your business. It’s fully multi-brand, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-legal entity, making it the first PSA system able to run a business not only in your domestic market, but also internationally.

Best of all and unlike other PSA tools, Harmony is not a modular system. You receive all the extensive functionality for one simple and affordable price.

As for that functionality – there’s too much to go into in one blog post, but take a look at Harmony’s Product page for a detailed breakdown of its main features.

Why choose BlueSnap for your HarmonyPSA payments?

The team at Harmony are passionate about automation – a touch-free, work-to-cash cycle where every keystroke adds real value. The integration with BlueSnap further automates its software by adding a no-touch, on-demand e-payments solution available now to all Harmony customers.

Once turned on, invoices are paid by customers on demand, saving hours of cash processing and credit control efforts, and paving the way for smoother professional relationships with customers.

“Our aim with Harmony is to remove all non-value add activities for our users by automating processes wherever possible,” explains Steve Duckworth, CEO of Harmony Business Systems. “By integrating payments processing using BlueSnap, we take that headache off the table.”

While many tools may offer credit card payments support, Harmony has built this component into the invoicing cycle seamlessly. All activity takes place within Harmony, including automatic allocation of cash to outstanding invoice amounts. Invoices of any type can be paid via the BlueSnap platform, in any of the more than 200 currencies it supports.

Learn more about HarmonyPSA, or if you’d like to find out more about what we have to offer, feel free to get in touch for a demo!


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