Helping Game Companies Monetize – TechnologyAdvice Podcast

Written by: Kimberly Rowell

The BlueSnap team has a busy fall conference season coming up with plans to exhibit and sponsor at several key shows. One of those key shows is the DMW Gamesconference in New York City on September 8th. This will be our second year attending, but first time as a sponsor and we are excited to meet with game companies who are looking to monetize their game and increase revenues. Joe Twer, our resident gaming expert and Director of Sales at BlueSnap spent a few minutes talking with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice about how BlueSnap is helping game companies monetize in this competitive market and why we are sponsoring DMW Games.

Here is a summary of the podcast:

Jump to 1:16 “I think the big thing for BlueSnap that we see is, especially in the gaming space is that companies aren’t really set up to offer a streamlined, global offering within their game.”

“This is a huge opportunity for BlueSnap to offer up this single integration to allow players from over 180 countries to play and purchase virtual items from within that game.”

Jump to 3:36 “BlueSnap has been in the payment space over 10 years and has seen the evolution of gaming and its very interesting lifecycle; from Subscriptions to Facebook, to F2P type of games. Mobile is the new challenge. As games become more and more popular they lose more and more profitability, up to 30% to app stores or mobile carriers. If gaming companies can route their payments from within their game to a much more streamlined and profitable partner that’s way better for the company.”

Jump to 5:20 If a game is just starting out and they need the exposure to their game Joe suggests getting the game on popular platforms to gain popularity in the space and saturate the market. But once the game has gained momentum then you want to start looking at operational efficiency and profitability measures and this is where BlueSnap can help.

Jump to: 6:30 For example BlueSnap has been powering the in-game purchase experience for customer Disruptor Beam, with the game “Game of Thrones Ascent”. The CEO likes to say “It just works. I don’t even know it is there.”


This interview was done with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice. Clark is always on the hunt for insightful conversations with leaders in the tech industry including deep dives into the gamification space, digital media strategies, data visualization tools & trends and much more. He manages an online tech events calendar of major tech events including Casual Connect (BlueSnap is a sponsor).

Check out the complete podcast here or click the player below.

And be sure to stop by and see us at DMW Games on September 8th! Look for the orange candy and Blue sunglasses. 🙂

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