Holiday Tips to Help You Sell More

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Holiday Tips to Help You Sell More

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time to make your stake in the market, lure in new and entice current shoppers!

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing and make your business stand out and get festive this season. With some simple tips, you’ll see how to drive your business to success and reap in profits .

Below is a quick list of the upcoming holidays, so you can start to prepare for your holiday sales:

  • Utilize Your Networks: Your social media accounts are important tools to connecting with your customer base and recruiting new customers. Try running different coupon campaigns or promotional offers to not only provide an incentive to join your social media accounts, but also motivate your current shoppers to come back and purchase more items.
  • Get Festive: Engage customers by creating a special holiday page. Dress up the page with all sorts of holiday goodies to get your shoppers in the holiday spirit.Also try adding a countdown-timer to the important dates! This way you’re reminding your shoppers that they need to purchase their holiday gifts and adds a sense of urgency to purchase.
    holiday sweepstakes
  • Send Emails to Remind Your Shoppers about Your Sale: Use emails to entice shoppers to come back and purchase again. The holiday season usually means that one shopper needs to purchase multiple gifts. Try sending a coupon in your order email or post sale email! Then, when the shopper needs to buy another gift, he’ll think of the discount you provided him with.
  • Make Coupon Offers Evident On Your Site: Add an additional incentive to purchase by running special holiday sales! Make sure they are displayed throughout your site to help convert more shoppers!

What holiday techniques have worked for you?

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