How To Get More Business Online with Coupons

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How To Get More Business Online with Coupons

Written by: BlueSnap Editor

Coupons are a great tool to generate more traffic, re-market to your shoppers, provide incentive to your affiliates and even help increase conversion rates on the order page. Below you can learn about how to take a simple coupon code and help it drive your revenues.

Generate More Traffic

Want to generate some more traffic to your site? Use a coupon code in your banner or ad campaigns to attract new shoppers! So you don’t lose interested shoppers, make sure to have this coupon/discount displayed on your website. Visit Youda Games’ site and you’ll see they’ve done a great job at this type of promotion. They also take it a step further – they’ve made it easier for the shopper to apply the coupon by bypassing it (automatically applying it) to the BuyNow page.

Recommended Settings:

  1. Pass the coupon code to the BuyNow page. This can be done using BuyNow Parameters. To learn more about passing the coupon code using BuyNow parameters, click here.
  2. Enter a high usage count. Since several shoppers will be utilizing the same coupon, keep the usage count high (depending on your expected traffic).

Re-Market to Current Shoppers

Several Merchants have told us that a great way to build a sustainable long-term relationship with your shoppers is to provide a coupon at the end of a sale. This can either be in an email or even on the Thank You page.

For example, for everyone that buys one of your products, you can offer them a coupon 30% off anything else on your site ending on Nov. 30th, 2014. There are several ways to implement this.

  • Add the Coupon Code to the Thank You Page
  • Add the Coupon Code to a Newsletter or Post Sale Email



And there you have it. If you have more questions about setting up coupons via BlueSnap, make sure to visit our HelpCenter.

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