Introducing the Powered Buy Platform™

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Introducing the Powered Buy Platform™

Written by: Ralph Dangelmaier

I am proud to announce our latest innovation in payments, the Powered Buy Platform™. Over the past several years, we have focused on solving a business challenge for merchants across the globe: delivering the frictionless checkout experience consumers demand while maximizing payment conversions. Today’s announcement of the Powered Buy Platform™ is our answer to meet this challenge head on.


Frictionless Checkout with Maximized Payment Conversions


The Powered Buy Platform™ is the combination of a global payment gateway and value-added services.

  • The Payment Gateway delivers flexible integration options, global payments, intelligent payment routing, and payment analytics. The capabilities together are a powerful stack merchants utilize to meet their goals and to monitor progress.
  • Value-added services such as eCommerce tools, subscription billing, and fraud prevention & security. These features allow a merchant to progressively expand their eCommerce operations.

We designed each component with the frictionless checkout and payment conversions in mind. The sum of the capabilities can deliver up to a 40% improvement in payment conversions (and thereby sales!).


Let’s walk through each in a bit more detail.

Payment Gateway

  • Flexible integration options: Merchants will often require different integrations in order to maximize their conversions. Whether it be hosted, API, or both, we have designed the Powered Buy Platform™ for you to choose the best option for your business to create the best frictionless checkout experience.
  • Global payments: The diversity of expectations and norms around the world presents a challenge for merchants selling cross-border. We understand these nuances and have integrated the global payment types, language and currency needed to optimize the shopper experience (and conversions) in every country.
  • Intelligent payment routing: At the core of the Powered Buy Platform™ is the intelligent routing to optimize transaction approvals, and therefore increase conversions. Our flexible processing engine routes transactions to the best banks to assure maximum payment success. We match the right bank to serve your shopper, whether that bank is in the merchant’s country or around the globe.
  • Payment Analytics: The comprehensive reporting and intelligence provided by the Powered Buy Platform™ gives you the insight you need to understand sales, maximize payment conversions and fully reconcile your payments.


Value-Added Services

  • eCommerce Tools: The Powered Buy Platform ™ includes the sales & marketing tools needed to sell online in any environment. You can drive sales with coupons, free-trials & upsells and include sophisticated marketing tactics such as volume discounts and post-sales emails to encourage return shoppers.
  • Subscription Billing: Our award winning subscription billing engine allows you to customize any recurring business model. We have the added features needed to maximize subscription renewals and keep customers coming back.
  • Fraud Prevention & Security: The Powered Buy Platform™ has best in class fraud prevention that lowers fraud rates by up to 89%, helping merchants avoid costly chargebacks. We exceed the highest standards of PCI compliance and cyber- security best practices.


Each of these features comes together in the Powered Buy Platform™ to deliver an optimized frictionless checkout experience with maximized payment conversions.


I am proud to announce this payments innovation to the market. I am equally proud of the team at the core of BlueSnap who deliver Frictionless Checkout and Payment Conversions for our customers. Their expertise, innovation and customer dedication put the POWER into the Powered Buy Platform™. We look forward to sharing our expertise.

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