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4 Ways Live Chat Can Stop eCommerce Checkout Abandonment

Written by: Hanna Wolsfelt

Customers are used to having a sales associate on-site to be able to answer all their questions. But as eCommerce grows at substantial rates, and more people are turning to the Internet to make their purchases, the farther they get away from these live associates. So how can you combat this and make customers feel comfortable on your site? Luckily for you, the tech world has come up with a simple solution to this lack of face-to-face contact: live chat! Here are 4 ways that offering live chat on your eCommerce site can help decrease checkout abandonment:


1. Live Chat Cuts Down on Time

Though customers can turn to social media or email for a response, this can take up to 24 hours or more. Studies show that 60% of customers hate waiting more than a minute for support. If customers can get a live answer from your team, they are much less likely to abandon their purchase and move on to a competitor that can answer their question faster than you!


2. Live Chat Can Increase Your Sales

If a customer is on your site, the chances are they are probably looking to buy something. Live chat can be a crucial determining factor between your product and a competitor’s product. If your support person can help to push the customer farther down the funnel into the decision-making process, you’ll be making more sales in no time.


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3. Live Chat is Convenient and Useful For Customers

Instead of searching for your contact information, customers can simply click on your live chat button (that should be prominent on every page – especially at checkout) to talk to someone right away. 44% of customers say that that having a live person answer their questions while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Not only that, but 56% of customers say that they have used live chat at least once to answer a question they had on a company’s website. More than half of people are actually using this feature – are you leaving sales on the table by not offering it?


4. Live Chat Can Help You Learn From Customers

With live people talking to your customers 24/7, you can learn a lot from them. One thing that will be important for product development and strategy is your customer’s pain points. As your customers ask your reps more and more questions, the pain points will become clear – they’ll ask about how the product works, if it’s guaranteed to perform, if a discount will work, the list goes on and on. As you get to know your customers better, the better the product you’ll have.


So now that you’ve decided you need Live Chat, which platform will you choose? Check out LiveChat Inc. or Zopim. LiveChat is a feature-rich platform for those with an established customer base; Zopim has a free trial for those who may only have a couple people on the customer support team or are just getting started!


Live chat on an eCommerce site is a combination that is crucial to success, but just one of the many factors that go into decreasing checkout abandonment. If you want to make more sales – take our Checkout Conversion Calculator. It will help you identify the points of friction in your checkout process (such as not offering live chat) to fix and avoid checkout abandonment:

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