The Luck of the Irish & Your eCommerce Checkout Experience

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The Luck of the Irish & Your eCommerce Checkout Experience

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to take a closer look at your eCommerce checkout experience. Is your site optimized for payment conversions, or are you relying on the luck of the Irish to turn your shoppers into buyers? There are many ways to make an eCommerce checkout create you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow instead of a pile of chargebacks and abandoned shopping carts. So how do you tell if your eCommerce checkout is as lucky as a four-leaf clover? Let’s examine the story of Paddy and Mary:


Paddy from Ireland has an eCommerce site, on which he is trying to sell his authentic, free-range corned beef and cabbage boxed dinners. He is noticing a lot of traffic to his site, but not a lot of his shoppers are checking out. Why could this be? Paddy doesn’t know it, but he has a lot of shoppers from America trying to buy his corned beef. But his shoppers in America are having trouble paying because he cannot offer his shoppers a localized experience. When he set up his site, he did not realize that Colin from Boston would want to pay in dollars, and that only accepting Euros would increase his declines due to currency mismatches. Colin’s bank doesn’t like it when Colin tries to put a transaction through in Euros instead of USD, and flags it as fraud, leaving Paddy’s eCommerce checkout with no pot of gold and a lot of uneaten dinners.


luck of the irish ecommerce checkout experience


Now let’s take a look at Mary. She also runs an eCommerce site that is selling corned beef, and is having a lot more success than Paddy (and hers aren’t even free-range!). As if she had a leprechaun guiding her decisions, Mary had the foresight to work with a payment processor that allows her shoppers to pay in their local currencies, and she has those transactions routed through multiple banks to get maximized payment conversions. So when Colin in Boston came across her site and tried to check out, it was a great success. Colin was able to see pricing in USD, and his bank was sent an authorization in USD as well. Now Colin in Boston is eating his corned beef and Mary is eating Paddy’s lunch. So while Paddy is dealing with all of his declined transactions and abandoned shopping carts, Mary is free to plan her St. Patrick’s Day party.


When setting up an eCommerce checkout, thinking about international shoppers and cross-border eCommerce is increasingly important. The world of eCommerce is becoming flatter and flatter, with more shoppers turning to retailers outside of their own country for the products they want and need. Don’t end up like Paddy – set your site up like Mary’s with localization such as local currency, language, and payment types so that your shoppers will always be able to checkout when they are ready to buy.


Disclaimer: Yes, we know that there are limitations of what you can actually ship overseas (and that corned beef dinners would probably not be able to make it across the pond in an edible state) but it’s satire.


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