A Breakdown Of The Magento-BlueSnap Gateway Integration

Written by: Scott Ring

Powerful functionality… check.
Easy setup… check.
Easy management… check.

All of the above are probably high on the list of reasons you chose the Magento platform for your eCommerce business. So it only makes sense that the payment gateway you choose to go along with it should have similar qualities.

At BlueSnap, we’re all about making merchants’ lives easier, but we’re also serious about providing the necessary tools to enable business growth. If you’re searching for a high-performing Magento gateway that partners seamlessly with your eCommerce platform, take a look at BlueSnap’s all-in-One payment solution. Together, Magento and BlueSnap act as one powerful engine to fuel more sales.

How does BlueSnap’s Magento payment gateway work?  

Let’s start with the basics. Our payment gateway for Magento allows you to process payments by providing you with:

  • A payment gateway and a merchant account for easy onboarding. We enable sales by capturing the payment details for customer transactions and securing bank authorizations (the payment gateway part). We’ll also set you up with a merchant account, a necessary component for processing customer credit and debit payments. Not all payment gateways provide merchant accounts, which makes the setup process more of a hassle!
  • Payment processing for credit and debit transactions. We support all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blue, and JCB. Plus, our secure checkout form is displayed directly on your checkout page (like the one from Corporate Gift.com shown below), so shoppers never have to leave your store to complete a transaction.
  • Secure data management. By using BlueSnap’s hosted payment fields, customer data never reaches your servers—it’s stored securely on our server, which reduces your PCI scope to the simplest level of compliance.

Magento—BlueSnap Gateway Integration

Why is BlueSnap the best payment gateway for Magento?

Because we do more than standard payment processing! BlueSnap is the best payment gateway for Magento because our platform encourages business growth with sales-boosting payment features that include:

  • Global sales tools that support business expansion.
    • Multi-currency support means you can increase conversions on global sales by accepting payment in 100 currencies around the world. Shoppers simply select their preferred currency from a drop-down box during checkout, and they’ll see the converted value they will be charged.
    • Intelligent payment routing increases transaction success rates by automatically routing transactions to the most appropriate bank in our extensive global network. (We partner with more than 20 banks around the world!)

Want to know more about BlueSnap’s all-in-one payment solution for Magento?
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  • Built-in, sophisticated fraud tools that analyze every transaction to help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. The BlueSnap team also helps you manage chargebacks and dispute those you think are invalid.
  • In-depth payment analytics that give you the data you need to continuously improve business operations. The real-time sales data we provide lets you track all aspects of conversion performance and view detailed reports of sales by product and currency, declined transactions, user behavior, and more. You have access to all reports 24/7 through your online dashboard; or, you can also use our mobile reporting app to track and manage payments from anywhere on your mobile device.

How simple is it to get my Magento payment gateway up and running?

It’s easy! Simply go to the Magento marketplace and download the BlueSnap plugin, then connect our plugin to your Magento store. Once you’re connected, open the Settings page on the Magento console and configure your store to direct transactions to BlueSnap. If you need help with the Magento payment gateway integration process, our implementation team can even walk you through the process of going live. Most merchants can start processing payments within a day or so of signing up.

Plus, by choosing BlueSnap as your payment gateway for Magento, you get full access to the help and advice of our merchant support team. Anytime you have any questions you can contact us by phone or email, or take a look at our extensive Help & Support Center online, which has answers to most common questions.

Ready to try BlueSnap’s all-in-one Magento payment gateway/merchant account for your business?

If you have any questions about our payment processing solution and how it would work with your Magento store, give us a shout. We’re always happy to help.