Masterpass: Your Shortcut to Solving Checkout Abandonment

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Masterpass: Your Shortcut to Solving Checkout Abandonment

Written by: Mike Misasi

Checkout is about to get a lot more frictionless. We’ve recently completed work to integrate the Powered Buy Platform™ with the Masterpass digital wallet, and it is finally here. For shoppers, Masterpass provides an incredibly simple checkout process.

  • Select Masterpass at checkout
  • Login to Masterpass or create a Masterpass wallet
  • Choose a payment method and shipping address
  • Confirm the purchase


The shopper doesn’t have to manually enter any billing, shipping, or payment details. This might not sound like much, but it’s actually a really big deal. Manually completing checkout forms is extremely tedious at best, and error prone at worst. Time to checkout is a proven indicator of checkout abandonment and data entry errors cause payment declines. Solving for both of these issues, Masterpass can dramatically improve payment conversions, particularly on mobile, where checkout abandonment is highest.


The Q1 2016 Checkout Conversion Index found that on average it takes 20 clicks and more than 3.5 minutes to checkout from an online store. Even the best merchants have an experience that requires 15 clicks and takes more than two minutes to complete. In comparison, Masterpass supports a checkout flow that only takes seconds and a few clicks to complete a transaction.


Global banks and merchants are rallying behind digital wallets and the shopper experiences they enable. And with so many wallets coming to market, it’s only a matter of time before checkout forms are the exception not the standard. BlueSnap’s integration with Masterpass gives merchants of all sizes the ability to deploy a frictionless checkout experience that is unified across desktop and mobile channels.


The flexibility of the Powered Buy Platform means that Masterpass will be supported in BuyNow Hosted Checkout Pages and the API. It can be used with subscriptions as well as one-time charges, and it’s compatible with all 100 currencies BlueSnap supports. Moreover, shoppers can store American Express, Discover, Visa, and other credit, debit and prepaid cards inside the Masterpass wallet.


Integrating with the numerous wallets (and designing a checkout flow optimized for the wallet era) is a daunting task. But we’re doing our best to make it simple. In the coming months we’ll have more exciting announcements regarding support for additional wallets. Stay tuned!



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