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New Customer Reset Retreat Launches Global Checkout

Written by: BlueSnap Editor

With the holiday season in full swing it can be a challenge to come up with a gift that will leave a lasting impression. I’m sure we’ve all received one too many pairs of fuzzy socks or fragrant lotion sets that we’ve tossed into the back of the closet. Enter Reset Retreat! As BlueSnap’s newest customer, Reset Retreat provides wellness and adventure retreats focused on personal growth that can provide a lasting impact on one’s life. While other retreats often focus on say food or exercise, Reset Retreat’s goal is to help people discover themselves while in a new and unfamiliar culture. They provide daily life coaching sessions and aim to help you create positive reinforcements that you can bring home with you as a souvenir.

Reset Retreat contacted BlueSnap to be their global payment gateway. We were able to get them up and running with our dynamic hosted checkout pages in under a week. Since we are able to reach shoppers in 180 countries with 110 payment types, 60 currencies and 29 languages, Reset Retreat can now provide a localized checkout experience for shoppers around the world.

As Reset Retreat grows and expands its offerings and payment options, they need a gateway who can grow with them and has the flexibility to offer multiple payment options. With BlueSnap, they were able to customize and incorporate their own templates into their shopping cart using our BuyNow hosted pages.

Reset Retreat Payment Options

One of these flexible payment options for a retreat is the “Happiness Fund”: a way to ask those who love and care about you (and sometimes give you bad gifts) to fund an experience of a lifetime. This option is simple: put 50% of the trip down and get your own personalized link from Reset Retreat to share with friends and family to fund the remainder of the trip. Their other options include 100% prepaid, 50% deposit, and a 4x payment plan.

We are very excited to have Reset Retreat as part of the BlueSnap family. Please join us in congratulating Reset Retreat on their launch and check them out



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