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BlueSnap Gives Merchants Greater Control to Solve Checkout Abandonment

WALTHAM, MA – March 22, 2016 Today, BlueSnap released new functionality to give merchants even more control  to solve checkout abandonment. Checkout abandonment is quickly becoming the most talked about eCommerce challenge for merchants as they prepare for the explosive growth of mobile commerce.


The Powered Buy Platform™ is a next-generation global payment gateway that solves checkout abandonment by providing frictionless mobile checkout for consumers and simple integration to the platform for online merchants.
The latest release provides features and functionality to give merchants the tools they need to convert more shoppers to buyers.

What’s in the release:


  • Hosted Payment Fields – Used in conjunction with the Payment API, Hosted Payment Fields capture sensitive card data at checkout. Using this functionality allows merchants to minimize PCI and security requirements, while maintaining full control over checkout design.
  • Enhanced Virtual Terminal – Available with all integration types, Virtual Terminal gives merchants the power to take orders over the phone or via on-demand email invoices allowing shoppers to complete the purchase using alternative payment methods– all from the convenience of the Powered Buy Platform portal.
  • Payment Conversion Analytics – Self-service reports that track payment conversions based on currency, shopper location, transaction value
    and more.
  • Multi-Currency Reporting – On-demand data provided for merchants to track sales and reconciliation across multiple currencies.
  • PayPal – A seamless integration to enable PayPal to work for one-time and subscription models. This functionality is optimized for the mobile checkout experience.


BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform™ can help merchants optimize the eCommerce opportunity and increase their conversions by as much as 40 percent.


“Online merchants need every advantage they can get to help tackle checkout abandonment,” said Ralph Dangelmaier CEO, at BlueSnap. “Our Powered Buy Platform has the most robust set of features and functionality on the market today to help merchants take control of checkout abandonment and grow their sales.”


Earlier this month, in collaboration with, BlueSnap released the latest Checkout Conversion Index (CCI). The Index measures how well merchants are doing at moving consumers through the end-to-end buying process. The CCI is a quarterly Index and accompanying report that benchmark the performance of 657 retailers which represent over 70 percent of all U.S. eCommerce retail spend (exclusive of Amazon). The Index uses 55 attributes to inform merchants of the friction in their pre-and post-checkout experiences.


The Index this quarter shows that the overall CCI Index score fell to 53, down 3.6 percent from 55 last quarter. 48 percent of merchants scored well below the average Index score. Overall, time to checkout actually got worse, not better, as did total clicks from start to checkout. Some of worst performers were also the largest merchants.


The Powered Buy Platform provides flexible integration, empowering merchants to deploy the best checkout experience to engage their customers – from API to turnkey embedded checkout. Acquiring connections to multiple local banks around the world are provided through a single integration along with failover to maximize payment authorizations. The Platform also offers value-added features such as dynamic eCommerce tools, including offers and coupons, subscription billing, fraud prevention and chargeback management. All of these capabilities are designed to convert more shoppers to buyers by solving checkout abandonment challenges.


To learn more about BlueSnap and how the Powered Buy Platform is helping merchants, please visit


About BlueSnap

BlueSnap is a global payments technology company that provides a simple way to accept payments from almost anywhere – in your mobile app, online and for invoices. The Powered Buy Platform™ empowers frictionless payment experiences with a single integration to multiple payment methods, world-class fraud protection, robust reporting and the ecommerce tools you need to grow your business. The platform includes a global network of acquiring banks to help drive higher conversions worldwide. Learn more how BlueSnap can help your business accept payments and convert more at


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