4 Things To Look For In A Payment Gateway For Your Shopify Store

4 Things To Look For In A Payment Gateway For Your Shopify Store

Written by: Scott Ring

Love Shopify but wish there was a better alternative for Shopify Payments? There is! By choosing BlueSnap for your Shopify payment processing over the standard Shopify payment setup (like Wolves N’ Stuff did!), you’ll give your business a boost in four important areas that can actually increase sales:

  • Global payment processing
  • Fraud protection
  • Reporting analytics
  • Support

What does BlueSnap have that other Shopify payment gateways don’t have in these areas? Let’s take a closer look.

Shopify Payment Gateways: 4 Reasons To Choose BlueSnap

1. You get true global payment processing, with the sophisticated technology to support it.

Some Shopify payment processors, including Shopify Payments, claim to provide global payment coverage but actually fall far short of handling it successfully. Why? Because they only partner with a single acquiring bank, usually located in the merchant’s home region.

This means they send every transaction for that merchant—no matter where it originates—to the same bank for processing. If the bank is asked to approve a transaction associated with a foreign shopper, the transaction is more likely to be flagged for fraud—which means more of your global sales may get waylaid for the wrong reasons.

At BlueSnap, we’ve seen customers increase their global sales by as much as 30% by switching to our global payment processing engine. That’s because:

  • We have over 20 global bank partners around the world. That means we’re likely to have a partner bank in the regions where your customers are located.
  • Our method of intelligent payment routing sends each transaction to the bank most likely to approve it—wherever that may be in the world.

2. You get the fraud protection of an expert.

Stopping eCommerce fraud is a complex undertaking that requires expertise different than that of payment processing. But most Shopify payment gateways don’t take that into consideration, and develop their own fraud prevention mechanisms in-house. If you choose one of these payment options, there’s a good chance that your business isn’t getting the protection it needs—and fraudulent purchases could be cutting into your sales.

Don’t let inferior payment processing get in the way of making more sales! Find out more about how BlueSnap helps you make the most of every transaction.

When you choose BlueSnap as your Shopify payment processor, you’re getting built-in fraud protection from a leader in the field. Kount’s world-class fraud prevention solution takes only milliseconds to analyze hundreds of data points for every transaction. This detailed analysis of customer data and purchase behavior helps identify and stop fraudulent orders, and reduces the chances of legitimate orders being flagged for fraud. BlueSnap also offers enhanced fraud prevention services, which allow you to customize your own fraud variables. The better your fraud protection, the more opportunities you have for revenue.

3. You get detailed analytics to make targeted improvements.

One of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace is to be proactive about your decision-making—which can be done with the help of a sophisticated reporting and analysis tool. The standard Shopify payment setup only provides you with minimal reporting functionality. While you might be able to tell, for instance, that a large number of global transactions aren’t getting approved, the reports you get aren’t likely to tell you why—and that information is key to fixing the problem. Similarly, your monthly statement may give you a basic list of transactions, but you’re unlikely to get any accompanying details (like shopper name or amount paid) or any mention of payment processing fees. As a result, you’ll end up struggling to reconcile your accounts.

With BlueSnap, you’ll get reports that clearly state why certain transactions were declined, broken down into specific reasons (i.e. insufficient funds, credit card expired, possible fraudulent activity, etc.). You can use this data to make improvements in your business and/or your payment processes. You’ll also get clear, detailed reports that make it easy to match up fees with transactions. (Plus, you can access those reports 24/7 with our mobile app.)

4. You get excellent support.

When you first sign on with a payment processor, things may start off smoothly but eventually you’ll have questions. That’s when the trouble starts. The majority of Shopify payment processors only allow you to email them for customer support—but you shouldn’t have to go back and forth over email just to get help. And the only other method of recourse may be to search online, which is equally frustrating.

At BlueSnap we pride ourselves on our availability to our customers. You should be able to make changes or improve your checkout experience whenever you want! If you have trouble utilizing a feature or implementing something new, call us (or email us if you’d prefer) and you’ll get quick access to someone who can help. We want to make it easy for you to turn on a dime, making your business the best it can be.

Interested in using BlueSnap for your Shopify payment gateway?

Get in touch! We can have you up and running in a matter of hours. Or, you can start by opening a BlueSnap account. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!


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