6 Better Ways To Accept Payments (& Do ShopTalk!)

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6 Better Ways To Accept Payments (& Do ShopTalk!)

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

Are you heading to Vegas next month for ShopTalk 2018? So are we! What better place than the world’s largest conference for retail and eCommerce to spread the word about how our All-in-One Payment Platform can help businesses like yours become more profitable? (Anyway, passing up a conference in Vegas is like passing up a bathroom on your way to an outdoor concert—you’ll just be sorry later.)

If you aren’t familiar with BlueSnap’s payment platform, we hope you’ll stop by our booth (#2639) at ShopTalk for a margarita and a chat about your payment needs. In the meantime, keep reading to find out more about our payment solution and how it can help you accept payments better than the way you’re doing it now. (I also threw in some tips from the BlueSnap team for doing ShopTalk right, too!) Your payment process can be anything you want it to be—as long as you have the right partner to help you get there.

6 Better Ways To Accept Payments


1. Accept, protect, and analyze payments—all in a single payment solution.

Are you piling on payment gateways to get all the functionality you need? Switch to BlueSnap, and you can get everything you need, all in one place.

ShopTalk 2018: Staying at the Venetian? Lucky you, because CVS is located right across the street. Whether you forgot it (like your toothbrush) or didn’t foresee needing it (Advil, anyone?), you can get it all here, in one place—just like our Payment Platform!


CVS - sometimes you just have to go there


Are you looking to select a payment gateway provider that can do it all, for the life of your business? These 10 questions will lead you to one right choice.

2. Increase conversions using our connections to global banks.

If your payment processor isn’t working hard enough to push transactions through, you’re more than likely losing sales. With BlueSnap, you get an arsenal of strategies working behind the scenes, including automatic transaction failover and automated subscription retries. Plus, we have connections with multiple banks around the world and the flexibility to send (and resend) transactions to the banks most likely to approve them. That means fewer declines for you!

ShopTalk 2018: You know that feeling you get when you lose too many sales from checkout abandonment and excessive payment declines? It could be confused with a hangover. If that feeling is actually payment related, just switch to BlueSnap! But if it turns out to be a hangover, try these bartender tips to make the morning after a little less wretched.

"Trust me, you can dance." - Wine


3. Give customers the mobile wallet choices they want.

Convenient ewallets are increasingly becoming a payment method of choice. If you don’t support them, you may be missing out on sales. BlueSnap supports more ewallets than any other payment processor, including Apple Pay, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, and PayPal. Your customers won’t hesitate when it comes time to choose a payment method if they see their favorite mobile wallet on the list.

ShopTalk 2018: Sinatra may have thought Las Vegas was the only place where money really talks (“it says, ‘Goodbye’”), but here at BlueSnap we know that eCommerce businesses lose money daily thanks to subpar payment processing. All that aside, the responsible half of our group advises you to stay away from the casinos; the other half wants to tell you what you need to know before blowing your money at the blackjack table.


"Not sure if I lost any money last night, or if I genuinely spent it all."


4. Make the most of your subscription-based sales.

Other payment gateways handle subscriptions, but their support is limited. BlueSnap’s subscription billing engine is unique in that it supports any payment type (even wire transfers, purchase orders, and e-checks). It also includes a variety of features designed to help increase your recurring revenue, like the ability to customize your subscription plans, send automated subscription reminders, and automatically update shoppers’ payment information. (You could be losing up to 10% of sales because of outdated account data!)

ShopTalk 2018: Like the recurring payments BlueSnap can help you manage and optimize, your feet will likely be pounding the same stretch of pavement over and over again during the long days of the conference. Don’t let all that walking go to waste—do more while you walk! These SmartBoots can also charge your phone, which means you won’t ever be stuck at the far end of the Vegas strip unable to snag an Uber home.


"I don't always wear heels. But when I do, I remember why I don't always wear them."


5. Sell more around the world with local payment processing features.

You should be able to sell anywhere you want, in any country, without having to add multiple payment processors to handle it all. At BlueSnap we’re always working to help our customers sell more overseas! To make sure you don’t lose international customers at the payment stage, you can offer a local checkout experience tailored to the shoppers’ country of origin. Your checkout page can automatically display in any of 29 languages, and you can accept any of 100 different currencies. Remember those bank connections around the world I mentioned earlier? They’ll increase the success rate for international transactions, too.

ShopTalk 2018: Speaking of multiple languages and currencies, the ShopTalk conference is a global event, with people attending from all over the world. You could end up coming home with a ton of business cards you’ll never follow up on—or you could put these eight things on your own ShopTalk agenda to come back from the conference “wiser and better connected.”

Networking - it's kind of a big deal.


6. Keep and protect more sales with world-class fraud prevention and chargeback management tools.

Hackers are innovating daily and constantly modifying their tactics. To reduce your fraud-related losses you need a payment processor that takes fraud seriously. With BlueSnap you get built-in fraud protection from industry leader Kount. This behind-the-scenes technology reviews transactions in real time, incorporating hundreds of data points into the analysis to stop bad transactions before they even start—without any additional resources on your end. You can also choose from varying levels of fraud protection to match the needs of your specific business. Plus, our chargeback prevention program gives you everything you need to recover more lost revenue, including chargeback alerts, automated retrieval request responses, and help staging disputes.

ShopTalk 2018: Everyone knows “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” (Kinda like fraud—we try to keep it at bay!) But sometimes you just need to bring something home to remember it by. If you’re looking for something respectable to bring home to the family, check out these 10 best places to buy souvenirs in Las Vegas. Or, if you’re at the airport and totally forgot about your loved ones, place an order online for this Vegas Souvenir Box.

Ready to do payments a better way (and rock ShopTalk 2018)?

Come by and see the BlueSnap team! We’ll have some fun goodies like light-up bouncy balls, stickers, and those margaritas I mentioned earlier! In the meantime, if you’d like to talk with us more specifically about what our payment gateway can do for your business, get in touch!

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