The 4 E’s of eCommerce to Game Stores

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The 4 E’s of eCommerce to Game Stores

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

There are many considerations that a game developer must take in order to create a stellar in-game store. Developers need to think about payment processing, create an effective store design and, ultimately, convert players into paying customers.

Here at BlueSnap, we like to emphasize the “Four E’s of eCommerce” for any online business, including online games! By applying some simple principals to an in-game store, developers can significantly increase player conversion.

With that said, we’ve just released a new white paper for game developers specifically, that touches on these “Four E’s”, as well as other design considerations, all to help maximize player conversions.

The white paper also explains how BlueSnap can help game developers easily create a storefront that players can seamlessly checkout from in their own language and currency. We offer a smarter payment gateway with the ability to entice the user with coupons, trials and limited time offers, all backed with robust tracking and reporting, and more!

Game developers can learn more about the BlueSnap experience and “The Four ‘E’s” by downloading the white paper here.

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