Valentine's Day 2016 eCommerce Stats [Infographic]

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The Cost of Love: Valentine’s Day 2016 eCommerce Stats [Infographic]

Written by: Hanna Wolsfelt

Love is in the air this week, especially for eCommerce merchants. Valentine’s Day spending is projected to hit $20 billion in 2016, which leaves a big opportunity for retailers to profit on this first holiday of the year. Online Valentine’s shoppers spend an average of 30% more than consumers in stores, so eCommerce merchants may have better luck at finding love on this holiday. So how do you capitalize on this opportunity? We’ve created an infographic to help you find customer love this Valentine’s Day.


valentine's day 2016 ecommerce stats infographic
Infographic by Stephanie Farber (BlueSnap)


Valentine’s Day 2016 eCommerce Stats (Tips!):

  1. Don’t let cupid get lost on the way to your heart with guaranteed shipping

There’s nothing worse than ordering a teddy bear the size of Texas for your loved one and not getting it delivered on time. Offer guaranteed shipping for the big day (February 14th) so that you can keep the lovebirds happy. We don’t want to see a lover scorned over a miscommunication over shipping! Also, don’t waste cupid’s time – let your customers have the option to have “shipping same as billing”. 100% of eCommerce sites that convert the most customers do this.


  1. Spread your love by offering coupons

Valentine’s Day is not cheap, especially for people who are trying to impress their Valentines! Make life easier for them by offering sales, last minute deals, and especially coupons. 8% of shoppers will abandon their carts if there is no coupon available, and 100% of the top-converting eCommerce sites know this. Don’t break your carts hearts this holiday – offer coupons to save them!


  1. A targeted message can mean a thousand words when it comes from a loved one

Your shoppers may abandon their carts for a variety of reasons (hopefully it’s not a broken heart), but you can always get them back with some targeted messaging. Whether it’s a pop up before they leave, a reminder email after they leave, or the option to send their cart to their inbox, don’t lose your customers because they aren’t feeling the love. Remind them that you are always there for them, and convert more shoppers to buyers!


  1. Find your Valentine, but don’t come on too strong with user profiles

Are we the only ones who get frustrated every time we are forced to create a user profile before checking out? That should be a red flag about your relationship for sure! 93% of the highest converting eCommerce sites already know this – they give their customer the option of creating a user profile (not requiring it). Nobody likes someone coming on too strong; give your customers the option (not the requirement) to create a user profile for a successful Valentine.


  1. Offer help to lost lovers with live help

Like it or not, sometimes it is hard to shop for your Valentine. Don’t leave these lost lovers out in the cold – offer live help on your site so they can get a second opinion on that $200 bouquet of roses in a diamond vase if they need to. 100% of eCommerce sites that convert the most customers already do this, don’t let them steal your Valentine’s from you!


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