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What Every Great Checkout Page Needs

Written by: BlueSnap Editor

73% of people do at least half of their shopping online. If you’re an online business owner, this stat should nudge you to think about how you’re converting passive shoppers into actual buyers. You might attribute high levels of traffic to your cool product offerings or your slick website. But those factors don’t matter if you can’t make a sale.

A lot of checkout pages are far from optimal, and this short film from Google Analytics is rather harsh but lays it out quite well. Pretty funny too:

We’ve put together a brief but important list of things to consider when optimizing your checkout page experience.

  1. Provide a seamless purchasing experience

    Our tests show that branded checkout has a 30% higher conversion rate than generic checkout. A lot of merchants settle for PayPal to ease their PCI compliance burden, but this is less than ideal. It disrupts the flow of the checkout process and prevents you from carrying over your branded website design to the page where your customers give you their money.
  2. Consider integrating a slim BuyNow option
    As a user, my need is to purchase a product – quickly, easily, and securely. As a business owner, I want to make a sale as well as gather all the customer data I possibly can so that I can market and sell more products to my customers. Provide a progress bar to let customers know at what point they are in the checkout process. Walmart.com does this well.WaImart Checkout | BlueSnap Blog
  3. Offer a frictionless mobile payment experience
    61% of people have a better opinion of brands that offer a good mobile experience. And customers will leave a mobile site if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Pick up a standard business card. Judge its size. What you’re seeing is roughly the same size as the frame your mobile users have available to view your entire mobile site. Simplify the number of input fields a customer needs to fill out to a single full name field, a single phone number field and a zip code field. Whenever technically possible, auto-detect and auto-complete as much as you can.
  4. Payment Methods
    People want to know ASAP if you’re offering the payment method they want to use. It’s best to show the credit card logos and payment types you support. This also reduces clutter by not showing it somewhere else in the checkout process.

Let us know other factors you’ve considered for your optimized checkout page.

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