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What Makes BlueSnap Tick: A CEO’s Perspective

Written by: Ralph Dangelmaier

The past year has been the best, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring; I am proud to lead our great team here at BlueSnap. We’ve really honed in on our strategy to help fast growing merchants convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide in this ever-changing market. By helping them deliver a frictionless checkout with maximized payment conversions through our Powered Buy Platform, we tackle one of the toughest challenges for an eCommerce merchant. As I reflect on the year, a few key events confirmed for me that we are on the right path to help our merchants. I thought the end of year would be an appropriate time to share them with you all.


Even the brightest of us sometimes need a little light

The need to better articulate the checkout and conversion problems that merchants face began to bubble up for me in the first half of 2015. I was speaking at a large eCommerce show, sharing a keynote slot with a colleague who seemed to have all the credentials together: a blue-chip education, a flourishing eCommerce company, and a solid understanding of the payments industry. As I began to explain the business challenge of delivering frictionless checkout with maximized payment conversions, they looked at me like I had 5 heads. After a 30-minute talk, however, they saw that this was an increasingly important strategy they were missing in their company. As I got their reaction, I realized we needed to do more to educate the market on the Conversion Problem. Even the most highly credentialed leaders were unaware there was such a big problem with the process of checking out online. I brought this experience back to our team and it became our mission to help the industry understand this problem, and deliver it to eCommerce merchants alike.

Passion and talent meet strategy

After returning from this conference, I met with our product and engineering team to get their ideas on how we could progress our technology to better deliver against our philosophy. The engineering team was ready to get to work, and luckily for me, they were just as excited as I to start cranking on frictionless checkouts with maximized payment conversions (which, at this point, you can probably tell has become my mantra). The team leapt to the challenge and delivered the Powered Buy Platform, which we launched in Q4.

Timing is everything

As the team got the technology ready BlueSnap had to simplify the message to educate the market on the Conversion Problem. At Money2020 (one of the biggest payments conferences in the world) we met with 75+ industry leaders – the tech and software community were talking about the beauty of frictionless checkout; the payments people were focused on the idea of improving conversions, particularly around cross-border and the increase in eCommerce fraud. The team’s hard work allowed us to address both of these challenges in one message. As I sat on the plane (escaping) from Las Vegas, it was clear to me here that we were right on the money (no pun intended) and that our strategy was clearly where the market needed to head.


Prove it (with data)

Relatively recently I was presenting the Powered Buy Platform to a customer and our Payment Analytics became a focus of the conversation. We had never really led a payments discussion with reporting tools, but this merchant was so excited about how we could both help them solve their conversion challenges AND report and manage on their progress (not to mention easily reconcile their payments). This meeting underscored that we could explain the Conversion Problem, solve it with our platform, and prove it with our reporting – allowing us to be a true partner to our customers as they grow their business. We have seen the power that this reporting can provide for businesses, and we have exciting technology planned for 2016.


The BlueSnap team – our “Why”

Everything came together for me a couple weeks ago at our annual holiday party. I got a unique opportunity to share my thoughts on this past year. I found a team that is aligned on the idea that BlueSnap is in business to help merchants Convert More Shoppers to Buyers. We understand that to do that we need to provide our customers with Frictionless Checkout AND Maximized Payment Conversions. What we use to deliver on that promise is the Powered Buy Platform with its advanced technology and features and, most importantly, a talented, motivated and aligned team.

As one by one employees came up to me and told me they believe in this message and are ready to support our merchants to achieve it, I could barely wipe the smile off my face that night. Everyone was aligned on our strategy and was working as a team, and this was the best end to my year I could have asked for.




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