Why Inbound Marketing Can Only Take You So Far in eCommerce

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Why Inbound Marketing Can Only Take You So Far in eCommerce

Written by: Hanna Wolsfelt

We’ve been at Inbound 2015 in Boston all this week, and our heads are full of facts and figures about inbound marketing and how to take advantage of this revolutionary idea to promote your business and convert customers. Whether it’s using new analytics tools to create content targeted for specific customers or how to become a social media maven, inbound marketing is no doubt the new black. However, once you get customers converting into buyers, are you losing sales because your checkout process is too complicated?


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You can tweet all you want, but are your subscription charges going through?

As subscription businesses become more lucrative with the growth of eCommerce, businesses are becoming increasingly interested in using different tactics to bill their customers. However, most subscription businesses are not concerned with helping you get the best conversions on your cards. What if someone loses their card? What if their card expires? If they don’t update their billing information on your site, you might as well say bye bye to that sale. With BlueSnap, there is no need to integrate to a separate subscription engine to handle your recurring charges – you can do all of this with a simple integration to our gateway. Not only is the integration easy, but we can also help you keep cards up-to-date with Account Updater, saving your business time and money.


I got a like on my Facebook page from someone in France! Yay! My business must be so international!

While social media sites are used similarly all around the world, sadly, payment types are not. Germans use Sofort, Brazilians use locally issued cards, the list goes on and on. So while you may be able to reach people all over the globe with your Periscope videos, you may be losing customers at checkout if you don’t offer local payment types. Expand your business internationally and graduate to a payment gateway that can make your customers feel right at home. We offer 110 payment types with our gateway – can yours take you global?


While creating infographics and ebooks are fun, it’s all for nothing if your payments aren’t going through. Consider putting your payments problem first to get even better conversions than inbound marketing may be able to give you. When you’re ready to chat with us, Fill out this form to talk with a payment conversion consultant to get on the path to higher conversions today.

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p.s. – Thanks to all the folks at Hubspot and Inbound for making this week so amazing!


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