Without Data It’s Just an Opinion

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Without Data It’s Just an Opinion

Written by: BlueSnap Editor

Make a New Year’s resolution to know more about your customers and grow your business. Philadelphia startup RJMetrics provides eCommerce companies a cloud-based business intelligence tool that takes the guesswork out of knowing your customer. RJMetrics enables its eCommerce clients to make better, data-driven decisions to run their online businesses.

Some of the most sophisticated eCommerce startups in the world, including Fab,Threadless and Frank & Oak use RJMetrics to optimize their marketing ROI, improve their merchandise productivity and more.

We are partnering with RJMetrics because we see the value they provide to our merchants who already use our smarter payment gateway to convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide. Together with BlueSnap, RJMetrics will help you know your customers better and grow your business faster.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. RJMetrics offers free trials of their platform including a bundled consultation from one of their in-house analysts.

RJMetrics also conducts excellent eCommerce industry research. If you’ve ever wanted to know how your customer lifetime value, repeat purchase rate, or average order value compares to industry averages, check out their 2014 eCommerce Benchmark Report.

About RJMetrics
RJMetrics builds software that helps online companies take their mountains of data and use it to improve their businesses. Founded by Robert Moore and Jake Stein in 2009, the company has been focused on delivering insights that help growing organizations beat out their competitors. RJMetrics counts many of the fastest growing and most successful new online businesses as their customers, and are proud to be a part of their success. RJMetrics is located in Center City, Philadelphia.

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