What’s In The New WordPress Payment Plugin From BlueSnap?

Written by: Scott Ring

We meet lots of eCommerce merchants when we’re on the road, many of whom are WordPress users (not surprising since nearly 32 percent of websites are built on WordPress). One thing lots of them invariably want to know is: Does BlueSnap have a direct-to-WordPress payment plugin? We’re happy to be able to answer: Yep, we’ve got that.

Does BlueSnap have a direct-to-WordPress payment plugin? We’re happy to be able to answer: Yep, we’ve got that. Click To Tweet

Why use a direct-to-WordPress payment gateway plugin?

Every merchant’s reason for needing a direct payment plugin for WordPress is different. Some don’t want or need WooCommerce’s full suite of tools and can’t justify the monthly expense for the service. Others are looking for something other than a standard template, and would prefer a payment plugin that gives them the ability to build their checkout in a specific way. Still others want to stick with something super simple—just a few fields on a basic checkout page and they’re good to go.

A direct-to-WordPress payment plugin can address all those situations. The same reasons you chose WordPress to begin with—because it’s flexible and customizable—also apply to building your checkout page on it directly. You can design the checkout experience however you want—simple, elaborate, or anywhere in between.

If your eCommerce store is running on WordPress, one of the above situations might be yours. There’s no doubt that WooCommerce is a great tool with lots of useful features, but it’s also not for everyone.

The BlueSnap All-in-one Payment Platform is both flexible and customizable to the specific needs of your business. Ask us how it can be tailored for you.

What do you get with a BlueSnap WordPress payment plugin?

You get all the benefits of our All-in-one Payment Platform, which gives you everything you need to process payments, including all the advanced features that help boost your bottom line. BlueSnap merchants have the advantage of being able to:

  • Accept more payments from all over the world. You can accept international debit and credit card payments, which means you can vary your payment offerings to match the regional and cultural preferences of global shoppers. You can also customize your checkout pages to be presented in the shopper’s language, with prices displayed in the shopper’s currency.
  • Convert a greater number of global sales. BlueSnap is connected to 30+ global banks around the world, so we route every transaction to the bank for your shopper. This maximizes your sales by helping you avoid the false declines that occur when transactions are routed only to domestic bank partners.
  • Protect more payments from fraud. Our platform includes sophisticated fraud detection technology (developed by fraud-prevention industry leader Kount) that identifies and stops fraudulent orders and reduces false positive rates.
  • Analyze payments with more detailed reporting. We offer more in-depth reports to help you reach your full revenue-making potential, like cleanse reports that help you identify higher-than-normal rates of declines due to fraud, chargebacks, and refunds. Many of our reports are accessible anytime, from any mobile device.

How can I get started using BlueSnap for my WordPress site?

It’s easy—simply download the free plugin from WordPress, or start by reading our support docs on how to connect your WordPress store to BlueSnap. Once you’ve downloaded it, we’ll show you how to set up your checkout form and thank-you page. After that, you’re ready to go.

If you’d like to know more about BlueSnap’s All-in-one Payment Platform and what we can do for your business, talk to us. We’re happy to help!