Checkout Conversion Calculator

Discover the points of friction within your checkout and payment process that are causing you high abandonment rates and lost sales.

Want to increase sales by 40%?

This two-part questionnaire is a must-have tool for merchants to learn where they can optimize their conversions. By identifying and reducing friction you can decrease abandonment rates and reclaim lost revenue – increasing sales by as much as 40%!


Part one (Pre-payment):

Identifies points of friction during the checkout flow, before the shopper has hit the “buy” button.


Part two (Post payment):

Uncovers issues that could be causing low conversions behind the scenes, while the payment is processing.


At the end you will receive a score that you can compare with the Checkout Conversion Index and see how you stack up against your competitors. You will also receive advice that you can use to improve your conversions. Our conversion consultants are also available for a quick chat about your individual results and can help you drill down on specific ideas to increase you conversion rates.

Find out your score and see how you compare to the competition!


This tool was developed based Based on an in-depth study conducted with industry leader, we developed the Checkout Conversion Index assessing the success and efficiency of the checkout flow for over 650 U.S.-based eCommerce retailers, across 14 industries. The index samples the retail landscape, representing over 70% of all U.S. eCommerce spend.Using this data, we built the Checkout Conversion Calculator so you can better understand the impact checkout abandonment is having on your sales and measure these numbers against over 650 competitors.on a study done in partnership with The study surveyed




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