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In a way, business is simple. You sell something. People buy it with money. But money ISN’T simple. You need to process credit card details, and accept options like PayPal or Apple Pay. You also have to accept payments through mobile, marketplaces, and e-wallets. And what about subscription models, global banks and currencies, invoice payments, manual orders, and so much more… All the software solutions you use can get a bit tangled. You COULD simplify with an integrated solution, but you worry that that might limit the payments you can accept, and limit the business you do. That simply can’t happen. BlueSnap’s experts have brought together banking and technology to create an All-in-One Payment Platform. Not only does this simplify all the integrations you may be trying to manage, but it also accelerates your business, letting you accept payments, from all the methods your customers want to use, through all the channels they want to use, in almost any country they might be. In short, they get to pay however they want. Plus, BlueSnap has a built-in fraud stack, over a hundred integrations for shopping carts, CRMs, accounting, and reconciliation & reporting…so you have a single place to handle everything you need to handle. Now THAT is simple—and powerful. And it frees you to focus on, well, doing business. Learn more at bluesnapstg.wpengine.com.

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