Donald Trump Jr. Interviews BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier | BlueSnap

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In the Corporate Review

BlueSnap CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier joins Donald Trump Jr. on the Corporate Review to discuss how BlueSnap is helping eCommerce  businesses sell cross-border. BlueSnap provides a Smarter Payment Gateway that helps businesses convert more shoppers into buyers globally. Businesses face challenges when trying to reach these global consumers because they are shopping on the phone but they aren’t buying on the phone. As eCommerce becomes more global, businesses have to localize their payment pages to capture more shoppers, optimize it for mobile and be aware of fraud. BlueSnap addresses these challenges by helping businesses build their cross-border checkout page with local payment types, currencies, and languages. BlueSnap’s pre-built checkout pages help businesses seamlessly reach shoppers in over 180 countries to capture more sales and increase revenue.

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