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Instasmile Case Study

With top-notch support and reporting combined with flexible payment options through an integration with Splitit, BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform gives Instasmile something to smile about.

“Now that we’re processing payments with BlueSnap we have greater insight into our data, giving us a better understanding of which payments get approved or rejected and why.”

Who is Instasmile?

Instasmile strives to give consumers the confident smiles they want in a way that’s easier on their wallets. As a market leader in non-surgical veneers and with more than 25 years of experience, Instasmile has made an impact on thousands of people globally in the US, UK, Australia, China, Ireland and Canada. The company provides custom clip-on veneers, carefully crafted to match the customer’s dental profile. Instasmile is known for its unique technology, affordability and outstanding support. The order process is seamless from the moment you place your online order to approval of impression for manufacture.

With Instasmile’s patent-pending technology, customers have the option to have a smile makeover, hide stained, missing or damaged teeth, or even cover gaps without having to visit a dentist. The solution is not only a more affordable alternative to traditional veneers, but Instasmile offers flexible payment options. Customers can use an easy self-impression process and the customer service team is on hand to help through the process. The impressions become a custom Instasmile in two to three weeks.

The Challenge

Instasmile was processing payments with Paypal and Stripe, and found a number of their needs not being met. Instasmile was struggling with its authorization rates and the limited available support. At the same time, Instasmile wanted to offer its customers more payment options.

Having the right payment processing partner is essential for offering a range of flexible, affordable payment options, including installment payments that allow customers to spread the costs without interest.

The Solution

Instasmile came to BlueSnap through Splitit, wanting to turn its Splitit payment type checkout over from their current payment processors. BlueSnap integrates with Splitit to improve the merchant and customer experience on installment payments transactions. While BlueSnap provides everything businesses need to process payments, increase sales and reduce costs in one place, Splitit functions as a technology layer that facilitates hassle-free installment options without applications or new credit. BlueSnap’s custom flows and integration with Splitit is the perfect partnership for Instasmile. Instasmile is now effectively processing installment payments with the support and reporting they need.

“Getting started with BlueSnap wasn’t just the right choice, but setting up our account and integrating with Splitit was also easy and seamless,” says Les Yales, Marketing Director for Instasmile. “Now that we’re processing payments with BlueSnap we have greater insight into our data, giving us a better understanding of which payments get approved or rejected and why. The customer service and support we experience today is an added benefit.”