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Switching to a more robust payment gateway provider can make a big difference in your customer reach and profits.

Disrupter Beam, a gaming company focused on creating community and story-driven games, recently made the switch to BlueSnap. They realized they could improve the user experience by allowing for frictionless in-game transactions and by providing a local experience for their international customers.

After making the switch, Disrupter Beam increased profitability on each transaction by more than 20%, expanded their reach into over 100 countries, and increased their repeat in-game purchases by using local currencies and offering localized payment options.

Want to learn how your company can benefit from making the switch? Talk to one of our conversion consultants today. They will give you honest guidance on how to:

  • Optimize your payment system to get up to 40% higher conversion rates
  • Expand into global markets safely and securely
  • Create a payment infrastructure that fits your unique business needs
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