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Virtual Terminal

Process payments your way — by phone, fax, or email.

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Who Said You Need a Website to Effortlessly Process Sales?

With no integration necessary, you can start processing orders via phone, fax, and email with BlueSnap’s Virtual Terminal payment gateway. The web-based application enables you to enter payment information directly into your merchant portal or send a uniquely-generated link to buyers so they can enter their information on their own.

End Manual Payments

All you need is a computer. Accept payments via phone, fax or email with our easy-to-use Virtual Terminal — no setup necessary!

Manage Repeat Customers

Are happy customers coming back? Streamline repeat purchases by securely storing their credit card information.

Maximum Data Security

Protect your business and your customers by securely storing customer credit card information.

Global Fraud Prevention

Who thought something so simple could be so secure? BlueSnap's Virtual Terminal includes world-class risk management tools.

Collect Payments Faster with Payment Link

Streamlined payment processing is better for buyers and better for business. Payment Link allows you to send buyers secure payment links for any type of transaction and get paid immediately. Easily integrate the feature with your e-invoicing tools and add Pay Now buttons to invoices, price quotes, text messages, and emails.

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With Payment Link, you can:

Initiate payments via a secure link on invoices, recurring payments, and one-time transactions.

Boost customer confidence by allowing them to enter their own payment information.

Accept credit cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, wire transfers, and more.

Replace messy paper invoices with an organized, digital solution.

Accept More Global Payments

Ready to accept more payments from anywhere around the globe? Then you need a payment processing solution that can meet the nuanced payment needs of global eCommerce. Virtual Terminal supports 100 currencies and ACH, debit and credit card payments — so you can give buyers the options they want.

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Reduce Fraud & Protect Your Sales

What’s your worst nightmare? Ours is fraudulent transactions resulting in higher chargeback-related expenses and potentially lost merchandise. Luckily, you can avoid that with our All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform and its built-in, world-class, fraud-fighting technology. All transactions are reviewed in real-time according to industry best practices, customer data, and purchase behavior to help you reduce and prevent fraudulent activity.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

Our new integration was a much more seamless experience for our clients. We knew we had made a good decision when we saw our bounce rate drop overnight on the checkout page from 25% to less than 1%. Overnight. The new BlueSnap checkout experience had a direct and immediate impact.

Melissa Malone, COO at Gelmix

As a fast-growing startup, we needed a global payment gateway that would eliminate the heavy lifting so we could focus on our product and our customers. BlueSnap was the best solution available. We’re selling around the world and our dev team can now focus on building the world’s best video creation platform.

Oren Boiman, Co-Founder and CEO at Magisto

PreSonus is always trying to improve the experience we give our customers, be it with hardware products, software, or our online assets. BlueSnap’s latest technology is allowing us to do that with a great set of solutions that we are excited to use.

Jim Boitnott, EVP Product Services at PreSonus

Need more ways to process transactions?

Invoice Payments

Collecting invoice payments has never been simpler. Improve your cash flow by providing your customers with convenient payment options like Pay Now buttons and settling invoices over the phone with our Virtual Terminal.


Renew your customers again and again. Our award-winning Subscription Billing engine will help you increase your recurring revenue on a global scale.

A complete, secure, online and mobile payment solution.

Our Approach

BlueSnap helps businesses increase sales and reduce costs through an innovative approach to accepting global payment. When we say we have the All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform, we mean it. With one contract and one account, you get everything you need to sell globally built in. And our entire solution is modular, so you can turn functionality on and off. Our payment experts work with our customers to ensure every payment solution is optimized to each company’s specific needs. With BlueSnap, you get:

Expert guidance on how to optimize your payments and best integrate our platform.
Intelligent solutions to solve your payment problems and help you grow your global sales.
Live support and clear developer docs so you get answers when you need them.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.