Visa Checkout

Cart Abandonment: A Thing of the Past?

86% of Visa Checkout enrolled customers completed transactions from the shopping cart.

Visa Checkout yields conversion rates that far exceed traditional checkout and PayPal Express Checkout.1 Online and mobile commerce are increasing at a significant velocity compared to traditional commerce, nearly four and eight times faster, respectively. With this shift in shopping behavior, retailers need to deliver frictionless checkout, allowing their customers to make fast and easy payments across all their devices.

That’s why BlueSnap is is proud to offer their merchants access to Visa Checkout.


Visa Checkout provides an easy and secure purchase experience for customers.

  • Increase Conversion – Thanks to Visa Checkout’s more efficient checkout experience, enrolled customers completed 51% more transactions than with traditional checkout systems.1
  • Reduce Fraud –Visa Checkout is designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, employing advanced tools such as device fingerprinting and step-up authentication.
  • Integrate more easily – Integration requires just a few HTML and JavaScript tags, with minimal front-end code changes and no changes to existing gateway accounts.

Source comScore2015 Visa Checkout Study commissioned by Visa. Based on data from the comScore research panel, one of million U.S. PC/laptop users, April-October2015.)

Visa Checkout
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