Hosted Payment Fields

Hosted Payment Fields give you full control over UX/Design with minimal PCI.

Designed for merchants and developers to control the look and feel of their web and mobile app checkout pages with a custom checkout form using our Payment API, but want to minimize their PCI compliance burden.  Hosted Fields protect the sensitive card fields on your site because they are hosted by BlueSnap.  But you can still customize the checkout to your brand with CSS. Since the fields are hosted on our Level 1 PCI Compliant servers, the sensitive card data never touches your database, greatly reducing your PCI compliance scope.

See the interactive example below.

Hosted Payment Fields Includes:

  • Full UI Control with Payment API and Hosted Fields
  • Easiest PCI Compliance
  • Included, no extra fees
Ready to Integrate

Get PCI 3.0 compliant AND have full UI control

hosted fields

Hosted Fields are iframes, reduced to the size of one form field, that replace the sensitive credit card fields in your checkout form giving you full control over the look and feel of the page, with the lowest PCI burden possible.

Easy Integration

Insert a few lines of JavaScript code and HTML containers and your page for the card number, CVV and expiration date. The rest of the payment page can be designed to fit your unique needs.

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